Asians Can’t Play Football… Wait, What?!

Football. The beautiful game. The world game.

Is that more true anywhere other than in the UK? The depth of professional leagues is unparalleled. We may dabble in cricket and tennis and rugby and athletics, but football is unquestionably the national sport.

If you don’t support a team, that is considered erratic, eccentric even!

And that is equally true of Asians in Britain who make up circa 8% of the population and has been for a couple of generations now.

But at the highest level, where are the Asian players? Where are the Asian coaches? You have to go down pretty far to start seeing them in any number.

There are a myriad of reasons for the lack of Asian participation at the top end of the pyramid. But it is changing. It must change.

The aim of this site and podcast is not solely to discuss the problems and potential solutions. That has been happening since at least 1996 when Jas Bains published the ‘Asians Can’t Play Football’ report.

We are also here to celebrate the players that have made it. Highlight the coaches and managers that should be role models.

We’ve teamed up with @desiballers to showcase the Asian talent not just in Britain but in the world.


More than anything, we are here to prove that football is Our Game Too.

If you’re interested in delving further into the complexities surrounding the lack of Asians in football, Adam McKola and Copa 90‘s video from 2019 is a great place to start: