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Apu Vyas

If I told you, I’d have to kill you… just kidding!


Football nerd and dad to an aspiring baller.


When I was younger, in my formative years, we moved around a lot, especially all over East London but also ended up in Nigeria and Bahrain at times.


It’s difficult as a kid to keep repeating the cycle of making new friends.  Football made that easier.  Easy to join in in the playground, easy to talk about at the back of the classroom and swapping  Panini stickers was a Godsend!

So football became a large part of my identity over the years.  I’ve watched it, played it, spoken about it, argued over it and yes, probably even dreamt about it!


Couple of years ago, partly due to observing how my boy fared at trials, I became interested in the lack of Asians in the professional game and have been researching and dissecting the issue ever since.


As I have spoken to more and more people and seen the work that is going on around the country to change that, I have noticed not just a lack of Asians playing or participating in the game at the highest level, but a distinct lack of noise around those that do.  Contrast that with Asians appearing on TV or in film.


This website and podcast is an attempt to redress that balance and celebrate Asian footballing achievements.


Keval Patel

Twitter & Instagram: keva1_kp

Keval is a registered Sport & Exercise Psychologist in Training with the British Psychological Society. He is the Director of KNP Sport Psychology Ltd where he provides 1 to 1 support to Professional Footballers, NAIA College Golfers and Olympic Athletes as well as consulting several Category 1 & 2 Professional Football Academies. 

He has a wealth of experience in professional football, formerly representing several professional academies such as Chelsea FC, Watford FC, Wycombe Wanderers FC, Queens Park Rangers FC, Barnet FC and completed a two year professional scholarship at Stevenage FC. He continues to play to a semi-professional level whilst training with a National League side full-time. 

Keval is a passionate advocate of performance psychology in elite sport and prides himself on developing athletes to the highest standard to meet the growing demands of professional sport.

As a former player within the Professional Academy system and through his own personal experiences, Keval is motivated to create an open discourse about racism and discrimination in elite sport towards Asians and is hopeful that through increased awareness and a positive solutions-based approach, more Asians will have the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of professional football in the UK.