Hamza Chowdhury

Hamza Chowdhury is one of two Asian players currently in the Premier League, alongside Neil Taylor. Born and raised in Leicestershire, and brought up through the Leicester City academy, Hamza broke into the first team in the last season. He has represented England at the under-21 level.

Born and raised in a Bangladeshi family, he is fluent in both his mother tongue and English. He is also a devout Muslim, reciting prayers before every match and regularly attending mosque and reading the Quran. The young player also regularly visits Bangladesh. “It’s my heritage and my culture. I think it humbles you … opens your eyes to see what kinds of struggles people actually go through.”

He believes growing up in a multicultural city like Leicester helped in his footballing career. Whilst acknowledging the work that needs to be done, Hamza hopes other youngsters will follow in his path, and are encouraged by his presence. He is grateful for the support he receives from British Asian football fans.

Hamza has stated his biggest dream is to represent England in the senior team.

Hamza Chowdhury talking about his upbringing: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49928754

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