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There are more Asians involved in football than you would expect. There are nowhere near as many Asians involved in football as there should be. Join us as we celebrate the ones that are and discuss the ones that aren’t.

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Join Keval and Apu as they discuss whether the lack of Asians in football really is just about education!

In Episode 2 we talk to Dal Darroch (https://twitter.com/daldarroch) from The FA (https://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/inclusion-and-anti-discrimination/asian-inclusion) and find out why the game’s governing body is taking this seriously and their plans to increase Asian participation in the game at all all levels.

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Are parents really to blame for the lack of Asians in football? Dr Sunny Luthra (Insta) joins us for episode 3. His son is a professional footballer so if anybody knows…

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