The FA, Plans, Strategies and Role Models

“The FA.  Not just for the few.  We are for ALL”

So says some of the blurb on the latest documentation for The FA’s latest plan to increase Asian participation in football.

Now the cynical amongst you may say that the FA have had, to various degrees, a desire to see Asian involvement and plans for such since the 90’s and precious little seems to have changed.

Broadly speaking, I don’t think anybody in the FA would disagree. However, the role of the FA seems to have changed in recent years.  A simplification would be to state that The FA looks at the national team and grassroots and the Premier League and EFL have taken on more power for their own competitions.

It’s not an excuse, but in that context you can start t o see the complexities of the situation.

Currently The FA is in Phase 2 of it’s plan.   More details of that to follow in a future post.

In the meantime, here is one of their promo videos for this work.